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We are sorry your pet is missing. A missing pet can be very sad and distressing. Here are some tips to help you reunite with your pet.

POST FLYERS – Post your flyers in the immediate area where the pet was lost or found, 1 block in each direction or your house and at the major entrances to your neighborhood. Most pets stay close to home.

POST FLYERS in high traffic areas: at local grocery, drug and convenience stores, gas stations, the Post Office and anywhere there is a public bulletin board. Check with your local schools to see if you can post a flyer there, as well.

PETCO Love Lost - Search Petco Love lost and post your pet on the website with a current picture.

CHECK WITH your neighbors, your mail carrier and your paper delivery person to see if they have seen your pet — or recognize the pet you have found.

VISIT each of the MCACC locations:

West Valley Animal Care Center: 2323 S. 35th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009 (35th Avenue/Durango)

East Valley Animal Care Center: 2630 W. 8th Street Mesa, AZ 85201 (8th Street/Loop 101)

VISIT each of the Arizona Humane Society’s locations:
1521 W. Dobbins Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85041
1311 W Hatcher Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85021

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